Share stories on social media

Sharing case studies and personal stories on social media can really help to drive an issue, especially if you're working with or for a charity. You can also tag (mention) relevant people on social media including Ministers, NHS organisations and your local MP. Take a look at our Your Stories section for some examples of personal stories.

Start or sign a petition

You can petition the Government to ask for a change to the law or to Government policy. This is great if you have a high-profile issue that can secure a lot of support. If you can get 10,000 signatures on your petition you will secure a formal Government response on your petition. If you can get 100,000 this automatically triggers a debate in Parliament.

When writing the petition try to provide a clear explanation of:

  • What the issue is, including simple explanations for people who may not be aware of the disease/problem
  • How it has affected you personally
  • How it could affect other people
  • What a debate in Parliament could achieve or what outcome you are looking for.

Read more about how to petition the Government.

To maximise support for a petition, you’ll need to share it on social media and get as many people as possible re-sharing. Make sure to clearly tell people what you want them to do when posting about it (including, liking, sharing and signing).

Posted 12th October 2022