How you run your campaign depends on the issue you want to raise awareness of.

If it’s a personal issue and you want a change to the local NHS policy, you will want to engage mostly with the NHS, and local stakeholders.

If it’s a national or widespread issue, you will want to talk to political audiences as well.

For any campaign make sure that you have:

  • A problem statement – what is the issue and how has it affected you or other patients.
  • Evidence – this can cover the impact on you or others, or examples of a postcode lottery when it comes to access to a treatment or service. The evidence doesn’t necessarily have to be data: you can also use case studies and personal stories.
  • A clear desired outcome – if you have a proposed solution then include that. If not, you can ask for something as simple as Health Minister looking into the issue.

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Posted 12th October 2022