Our vision

Our vision is that health and social care will be delivered in a way that meets every person’s health and social care needs.

Our mission

Our mission is to give effect to the patient voice, to improve patient experience and support people to engage fully in their own care.

Our core values ensure we never lose sight of what we're trying to achieve.

  • Compassion: we treat patients, their families and carers with respect, sympathy and understanding

  • Collaboration: we share knowledge and work with others to achieve common goals

  • Inclusiveness: we work to fulfil our mission equitably and for the benefit of all, guarding against discrimination and disadvantage

  • Empowerment: we support patients, their families and carers to take action on their own wellbeing and wider decision-making

  • Ambition: we aim to deliver our mission to the highest standards.

These core values serve to guide our decision-making and the strategic direction of the Patients Association, and fundamentally underpin everything we do.

Our Board diversity statement outlines how we implement these values in recruiting and working with our trustees.

Our three year strategy

Read our 2018-2020 strategy.