Patients' views on making best use of GP premises

Our report on patients' views of internal and external aspects of their local GP practice premises Read more

Understanding patient needs: switching to biosimilar medicines

Our report about patients’ experiences of being switched onto biosimilar medicines from biologics Read more

Patients Association Nutrition Checklist

Our new checklist helps to identify those living in the community at risk of undernutrition Read more

Care home charter for swallowing and medicines

This Charter identifies key pledges both patients and healthcare professionals will abide by while in a residential care setting. Read more

Making TRACS to improve nurse retention

Can the retention rate of registered nursing staff be improved by collaborative development? Read more

Medicines related care of residents with dysphagia

This report is a qualitative study looking at the medicines related care of people with dysphagia living in care homes. Read more

Antimicrobial resistance: a patient safety issue

Are Clinical Commissioning Groups fulfilling their stewardship responsibilities in the battle against antibiotic resistance? Read more

Patients’ views of X-rays and scans in the UK

Early diagnosis of serious medical conditions such as cancer is essential to improving patient health outcomes. Read more

Meal preferences in hospital

This report looks at in-patient meal service preferences while in hospital, providing insight into the experience. Read more

Understanding the health and social care system

We’re calling for increased health and social care education, so that we can all be better champions of our own health. Read more

Transforming the Cycle of Cancer Care

We led a panel of experts in a discussion to address the negative cycle of cancer care that can sometimes exist in the UK. Read more

Child undernutrition project

Undernutrition in children is an increasing problem for children in the UK, but how do we work to improve this situation? Read more