2019 - Written submission - Representation to HM Treasury for the 2020-21 spending round and the Budget
Our submission calls for the allocation of new funding to make good on the Prime Minister's pledge to fix the social care crisis, and also to fill the ongoing shortfall in key areas of the NHS.

2018 - Policy statement - Funding and sustainability
Our position statement on how health and care should be funded.

2018 - Written submission - Representation to HM Treasury ahead of the Budget
Our submission addresses the Chancellor's promise of new money for the NHS, and the need for further commitments to put health and social care on a sound footing.

2018 - Policy statement - Hospital car parking charges
We believe that car parking should be available free of charge for patients. This should be delivered as part of a full and sustainable funding settlement for the NHS, and alongside investment in alternative ways of getting patients to hospitals and other sites.

2017 – Written submission – Representation to HM Treasury ahead of the Autumn Budget
In 2017, the Budget shifted to the Autumn. Ahead of it, we made recommendations to the Treasury for spending on health and social care at a time of growing demand.

2017 – Policy statement – Recommendations ahead of the Spring Budget
The final Spring Budget was presented in 2017, before a shift to the Autumn. We called for an adequate funding settlement for health and social care, and argued that current levels of funding are clearly inadequate.

2017 – Policy statement – Reaction to the Spring Budget
The Chancellor announced welcome new funding for social care in his final Spring Budget, but did not signal a full shift to the levels of health and social care funding widely argued to be necessary. Our reaction piece gave a full analysis.