We have worked with the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) programme to create a short three-minute animated video for patients about the benefits of elective surgical hubs. This animation was created by drawing on the experiences of patients who chose the option to have their planned surgery at a surgical hub.

We worked closely with this group of patients to understand what information they needed to make an informed decision about opting for a surgical hub and what they felt would improve the overall process, including scheduling of appointments, and travelling to a surgical hub which may be in a different location to their local hospital.

By watching this video you’ll learn about the purpose of surgical hubs to provide more capacity for non-emergency surgery, helping to reduce waiting times for your operation. The video also explains what is involved if you are offered the option to have your surgery at a hub and presents the experiences of patients who have used a hub.  

GIRFT is a national programme within NHS England. The insights from our patient engagement will be used by GIRFT to inform the further development of the hubs. 

Our goal at the Patients Association is to support patients with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. By working with patients and the GIRFT programme, we hope you will be better supported in your healthcare choices for surgical hubs.

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