The Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN) offers advice on what patients should expect from independent healthcare.

If you are considering private healthcare, please remember that:

  • You can expect to be treated safely and effectively with a professional standard of care, and receive a good patient experience;
  • You are entitled to access information about the safety of care and treatment at your chosen hospital, and be involved in giving patient feedback; 
  • Medical and health professionals must work together in your best interests. They must coordinate care between teams and between private healthcare and the NHS;
  • Private hospitals must have a robust complaints’ procedure with access to independent adjudication;
  • You should be informed on how to raise a complaint if necessary, and be supported through the process. Doctors and healthcare professionals have a duty to cooperate fully in any investigation and to review their practice.                                                            

The Patients Association supported the IHPN in creating this short film to help clarify patients' expectations, and empower them in their decision making. 

You can watch the information video here: