The Patients Association is deeply concerned for patient safety ahead of winter, with the ongoing strike action. We call urgently on the BMA and the Government to sit down and find a resolution before winter is here to avoid further harm to patients.

Already, 1 million appointments have been postponed, rescheduled or cancelled because of strike action. The result is distress, pain and worsening health for patients who are already experiencing long waits for treatments. This puts pressure on an already under-resourced system and undermines the principles of safe staffing and patient safety.

This situation is unprecedented in the history of the NHS and it is a matter of national urgency that the BMA and Government resume talks to resolve the dispute. Bring in arbitrators to jump start negotiations, do whatever is needed to break the deadlock but do not let us find ourselves in the depths of winter with doctors out on strike and patients being harmed or even worse dying.

2nd October 2023