We are horrified by the details in the trial of David Fuller of the assaults that took place in the morgues at Kent and Sussex Hospital and Tunbridge Wells Hospital over several years. We are thinking about the families and friends of the women Fuller assaulted in the hospitals. The loss of dignity and privacy in death takes away their loved ones’ ability to grieve for them.

We welcome the announcement of the independent investigation by Sir Jonathan Michael. The investigation should include what recruitment checks were done when he was hired, the hospitals’ safeguarding, security, and governance procedures, his access to the morgues, and whether there may be as yet unidentified victims given the length of time Fuller was active. A full report of findings must be published with details of how the hospital will strengthen its governance, security, safeguarding, and hiring processes to make them more robust. 

Families are entitled to believe that their loved ones will be kept safe while in hospital – in life and in death. To learn that a sexual predator had chosen hospitals as the location for his crimes, is terrible and frightening.  We would recommend that all hospitals double check their governance, security, safeguarding and hiring procedures and not assume, because of the horrific nature of the offences, that they might not be affected by a determined and prolific offender.

We would like to see a strong response from leaders in the NHS to reassure and demonstrate to people that they are safe while in hospital and will be treated with respect and dignity at all times, even after their death.

Updated 3rd November 2021