The Patients Association has been awarded a GOLD Standard in the 2023 Patient Partnership Index for our work to create resources in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) for patients and healthcare professionals. The project was funded and supported by Pfizer Ltd.

The resources were co-developed through a partnership between patients, carers, healthcare professionals, ourselves and Pfizer. The resources are intended to help patients partner with their medical team when deciding about using antibiotics. They are available on our website.

We are extremely grateful to the patients and carers who have been part of the AMR Patient Shield Project, which has produced the resources for patients and carers, and to Pfizer for its support.

Our partnership with patients and Pfizer wasn't the only partnership project to be recognised by the Patient Partnerhip Index - work with Novartis on shared decision making was recognised as a finalist.

In that project, we followed up questions we had raised in 2021 when we published our major report, Shared decision making: shared reality or insider jargon? We worked with Novartis to ask healthcare professionals if shared decision making took more time in clinical appointments, than other styles of working, and what the challenges and barriers to practising are. 

More than 1,400 professionals responded to our survey.  largely believed shared decision making an appropriate way to work together with most patients, and were optimistic that it will be easier in the future to work in this way. You can read the report, Shared decision making from the perspective of clinicians and healthcare professionals.

Patient Partnership Index

The Patient Partnership Index, developed and launched in 2020 by independent healthcare communications agency OVID Health, measures and rates the quality of partnerships between patient groups and the pharmaceutical industry. Read more about the Index.

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