In a world teeming with impending health challenges, the revelations of the Health Foundation Health in 2040 report illuminate a path to transformation.

With a staggering prediction of 9.1 million individuals in our nation grappling with significant illnesses by 2040, the urgency of the situation becomes undeniable. This revelation becomes a beacon for change, as 2.5 million more lives stand at a crossroads compared to 2019.


At the epicentre of this health storm lies a surge of conditions – anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and diabetes – casting shadows over our communities. Amid these challenges, the report whispers a clarion call: a plea to invest in the pillars of our healthcare system.

General practice and community-based services emerge as the stronghold against this impending wave, with a strategy that pivots toward prevention and early intervention. Here, unity becomes the battle cry as we dare to redefine our destiny.

Imagine a realm where the grip of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and diabetes loosens its hold, and individuals emerge not just as survivors but as thrivers.

Link workers

This vision finds its roots in the transformative role of social prescribing link workers. They embody personalised solutions that bridge the gap between conventional medicine and holistic well-being, sparking a transformation that echoes beyond health institutions and into the very fabric of communities.

A tale unfolds – a senior citizen, once confined by chronic pain, now dances through life with renewed vigour. A young adult, shackled by anxiety, finds liberation through interventions that target the root causes.

These stories are not mere fantasies, but the palpable outcomes of the transformation woven by link workers. Link workers become the architects of hope, guiding individuals to a realm where possibilities are boundless, and illness is not an end but a new beginning. Through patient partnership and coproduction, they jointly unmask the origins, fostering a culture of prevention and early intervention.

Future healthcare

United, we hold the power to script a new chapter of well-being. By championing the cause of social prescribing link workers, we confront the ominous surge in illnesses and redefine the essence of health and prosperity. Join the movement to usher in an era where lives flourish, communities thrive, and potential knows no bounds.

With more than 3,500 link workers already in general practice, the stage is set – let's author a healthier, happier future and pave the way for recruiting an additional 6,250 link workers to meet the growing demand.

Together, we can turn the tide and unlock a world where health and happiness reign supreme.

Christiana Melam is the chief executive of the National Association of Link Workers. Follow her on Twitter @Christy_Melam

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