The Patients Association is an independent charity. As such, we rely on donations from individuals to help fund the work we do.

When you donate to the Patients Association, we promise:

  • To comply with all relevant guidelines including the Fundraising Code of Practice, Charity Commission standards and the Fundraising Regulator. If any external company or individual helps us with our fundraising, we will make sure they follow our high ethical standards.
  • To make sure that we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) with regard to storing your personal data and using it in the correct way

Your donations make a huge difference to our work and we would not be able to listen to patients and speak up for change without your generosity.

Many thanks for your help; I did exactly as what you had suggested me to do. We are very happy that our mum will be coming back home."

- Helpline caller

How we use donations

We are a membership organisation that is focused on patients and carers. This means that all our efforts are centred around work that promotes the rights of patients and carers within the health and care system. As we are not a disease-specific charity, we are free to focus on any part of the system, although we do not work in areas where other charities are better placed than the Patients Association to do the work.

The work we do and the projects we partner on focus on the introduction of patient partnership across the health and care system.

If you have any questions about how we use donations, please email [email protected]

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