2020 - Consultation response - NICE guideline on arranging planned care
We responded to NICE's rapid-turnaround consultation on a draft guideline for arranging planned care in the context of COVID-19. We recommended numerous measures to improve patients' experiences

2020 - Consultation response - Evidence based interventions
In our response to the proposals for a second wave of restrictions to certain treatments, we expressed concern that the methodology remains unproven and relatively lacking in patient input, albeit that many of the proposals are in line with current good practice.

2019 - Consultation response - 'Low value' medicines update and further guidance
This consultation reviewed the 'low value' medicines guidance from 2017, and added some new treatments to its scope. Our response outlined our findings of patients' experiences since the guidance was first introduced.

2018 - Consultation response - Evidence based interventions
NHS England proposed to restrict access to some interventions that it deemed poor value for money. Our response highlighted the problems this could cause for patients, and advised NHS England to proceed much more cautiously.

2018 - Consultation response - Over the counter medicines
NHS England proposed to issue guidance advising GPs not to issue prescriptions for certain treatments that can be bought over the counter. Our response considers the issue in the context of existing practice in ethical prescribing, and cautions about some of the complexity that the measure may introduce.

2017 – Consultation response – 'Low value' medicines
NHS England proposed to issue guidance advising GPs not to prescribe certain medicines in most circumstances. Our response notes that this exercise is almost certainly cost driven, makes specific recommendations about particular medicines, and raises concerns about the development of these proposals, and also future proposals for restricting prescriptions for over-the-counter medicines.