2022 - Consultation response - Fixed recoverable costs
We responded to proposals to limit the legal costs that people can recover when they have been harmed by the NHS, pointing out the dangers of excluding people from justice.

2021 - Consultation response - The appointment and operation of the Patient Safety Commissioner
We argued for the arrangements for the Commissioner's appointment and operation to guarantee their independence as securely as possible, and expressed disappointment that the role will not cover all aspects of patient safety.

2021 - Consultation response - CQC strategy
Responding to CQC's draft strategy, we welcomed the strong patient focus and recommended greater clarity on how success would be evaluated.

2020 - Consultation response - Framework for involving patients in patient safety
We responded to the consultation on the draft framework for involving patients in patient safety. The response is a PDF automaticlaly generated by the online questionnaire.

2020 - Consultation response - Draft Complaints Standards Framework
We responded to PHSO's online questionnaire about its draft Complaints Standards Framework.

2020 - Premature discharge from hospital
This report describes the experiences of patients who were discharged from hospital when they were not well enough.

2020 - Policy statement - PHSO
The current formal statement of the Patients Association's position on the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

2020 - Consultation response - Response to NHS Improvement's consultation on the Patient Safety Specialist role
We welcome the creation of the new role, and call for it to be empowered to lead effectively on safety within NHS Trusts.

2019 - Policy statement - Safe staffing in hospitals
Our position on safe staffing in hospitals, following the Francis Inquiry and others

2019 - Consultation response - Response to NHS Improvement's consultation on developing a patient safety strategy for the NHS
We welcome many of NHS Improvement's proposals, and recommend that a stronger focus on patient input, transparency and leadership be added.

2018 - Consultation response - Response to the Patient Safety Learning green paper 'A Patient-Safe Future'
Our reflections on the analysis of patient safety issues put forward by the charity Patient Safety Learning.

2018 - Evidence submission to PHSO's review of clinical advice
Our evidence to PHSO about patients' experiences of its use of clinical advice. 

2018 - Evidence submission to the Kark Review of the Fit and Proper Persons Requirement
Our evidence to the review of the Fit and Proper Persons Requirement for senior leaders in the NHS.

2018 - Evidence submission to the Marx / Hamilton review of gross negligence manslaughter and culpable homicide
Our evidence to the review of the law around manslaughter as it relates to medical errors.

2018 - Consultation response - Submission to joint committee on Draft Health Service Safety Investigations Body Bill
Our evidence to the parliamentary committee undertaking pre-legislative scrutiny of the Bill to create HSSIB as an independent body.

2017 – Consultation response – PHSO draft strategic plan
The Patients Association has been critical of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman for the quality of its work for patients. This response summarises our past criticisms, and welcomes PHSO's proposals for transforming itself over the coming years.

2017 – Consultation response - Fixed recoverable costs for ‘lower value’ clinical negligence cases
The Government has proposed to restrict the value of recoverable costs available to patients who have been the victim of clinical negligence, and awarded 'lower value' damages. Our response opposes the proposals, argues that there is no reason why 'lower value' cases must inevitably be simpler and less expensive to litigate, and warns of a risk of patients being excluded from justice.