Parliamentary Partners in Care Debate


    The First Parliamentary Partners in Care’


The Parliamentary Partners in Care Debate is the culmination of the Partners in Care's very successful first year and will take place with a morning and afternoon debate after presentations from the speakers attending. The theme for the debates has been decided upon as a result of the issues raised from the Partners in Care Conferences we have held all over the UK during the year and will seek to bring together the issues raised throughout the year to Westminster where they can debated in the heart of our nation’s political forum. 


Throughout 2012 the Patients Association has been holding a series of ‘Partners in Care Conferences’ in association with Trusts all over the United Kingdom with the aim of bringing together patient, professionals, academics and the public together to discuss and highlight issues and areas of concern relating to the Health and Social Care system in their area and to discuss and share ideas as to how to address the concerns raised.

This series of conferences has focused over the year on how all health and social providers and commissioners can improve patient care by working together as partners in care through active and equal engagement between local, regional and national stakeholders to examine issues relating to clinical quality, nursing roles and care initiatives and many other topics.


On 7 February 2011 we held our first landmark conference, in partnership with Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 

This was followed by a series of conferences throughout the UK, with demand for these conferences increasing all the time.


As part of our first ever CARE Week, the Parliamentary Partners in Care Debate is the culmination of the 2012 season and will seek to bring together the issues raised throughout the year to Westminster where they can be debated in the heart of our nation’s political forum. Split into two sessions the debates will seek debate the big issues facing the NHS as we move ever closer to the full implementation of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 in April 2013.


On the Thursday 29th November 2012 we are holding our first ever Parliamentary Partners in Care Conference to close our 2012 Partners in Care Conference season and we would like to invite you to speak at this landmark event. The theme of the day will be:


“Imagining a 21st century Health & Social Care System for the UK: Challenges and opportunities”


The aim of the debates will be to engage the heads of the various NHS bodies alongside political representatives to discuss ways in which health and social can be improved. The debates will seek to involve and encourage viewpoints from national stakeholders and civic society organisations to look at how local communities can be better informed and engaged through their elected representatives whose actions and views have a direct impact on the care that is being delivered across the country. In addition to this we will be seeking questions from the public to pose to our panel by our moderator during the debate, all of which will be supplemented by live coverage of the event on Twitter.


At the Patients Association we strongly believe that for improvements to be made and sustained all facets of the health and social system must show a willingness to share ideas and, where poor care is identified, to tackle it robustly. We hope that this event will become an annual event that will develop into a key forum, contributing to the national debate and promoting ideas in the battle to improve care throughout the United Kingdom.


The Conference will be split between two sessions. The morning session will take place from 10.00 to 13.30, followed by an afternoon session running from 14.30 to 18.00. The end of each session will culminate with the live debate which will be published live on Twitter under the hash tag #CAREdebate.


To register you interest to attend goes to one of the links below.


·        AM:

·        PM:


Attendance is free but capacity is limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. For more information on the debate contact:

Helpline: 0845 608 4455   Email:

The Patients Association, PO Box 935, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 3YJ

T: 020 8423 9111   F: 020 8423 9119   E:

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