Care Campaign

This joint campaign by Nursing Standard and the Patients Association aims to tackle poor care and the causes of poor care.

It is based around the four most frequent complaints received by the Patients Association, communication, toileting, pain relief and nutrition and hydration. The campaign aims to channel this message to nurses, highlight the complex causes of poor care and identify how these causes can be addressed.

Care Campaign

The Patients Association has responded to an article in the Daily Telegraph relating to the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman and its role in handling complaints about needless deaths.

Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association welcomes this, but calls for clarification on the accountability of the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman and asks the following questions – are their investigations fit for purpose; do they have staff with the right skills and expertise to investigate?  Are their reports thorough? Are they effective? Are they sharing learning and are they helping the NHS reduce the likelihood of the same mistakes happening time and again?

Read our full statement here

Statement from Scott and Susanna Morrish regarding the PHSO report into the avoidable death of their 3 year old son from sepsis:

When Samuel died so suddenly and unexpectedly from sepsis three and a half years ago, we needed to try to understand what had led to his death. We thought that each of the NHS organisations involved in his care would automatically investigate their own roles, in order to try to find out if there was anything that they could have done differently. Sadly this was not what happened and, as outlined in the report, the local NHS investigations failed.  

When the Ombudsman took on Sam’s case we were assured that the PHSO was different and better, and that it would be able to get answers to obvious questions; ask new questions that we hadn’t thought of; and that within 12 months it would all be over.

Please click here to read the full statement from Mr and Mrs Morrish.

"The Patients Association is a healthcare charity which, for over 50 years, has advocated for better access to accurate and independent information for patients and the public; equal access to high quality health care for patients; and the right for patients to be involved in all aspects of decision making regarding their health care."

Robert Francis QC joins the Patients Association

Robert Francis QC will assume the post, which has been intentionally vacant since the death of former President Claire Rayner, immediately.
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