Warning from social workers shows need for decisive political action on health and social care funding

Responding to today’s report on the impact of spending cuts on social care, Rachel Power, Chief Executive of the Patients Association, said: “Today’s report by the Care and Support Alliance starkly illustrates the mounting crisis in social care. The experiences of social workers on the ground show compellingly that the care system is not able to function as it should.
The report shockingly illuminates how the funding crisis is leaving people who need social care at risk. Social workers report that they are unable to secure the packages of care that people need, are under pressure to reduce costs and often don’t feel they are able to keep people safe. It is not acceptable for a wealthy nation to leave so many people languishing when they are in need. The only solution is decisive political action.
We support the Care and Support Alliance’s call for full and fair funding of social care, and in our submission to the Chancellor ahead of the Budget we will be recommending that he provides adequate, sustainable funding for both social care and the NHS. This will mean devoting a greater share of our national wealth to health and social care. The Government must be honest with the public about the need to do this, or be honest about the consequences if it chooses not to.”
Notes to Editors:
The Patients Association’s submission to the Treasury ahead of the Budget will be published on its website when it has been submitted, ahead of the September 22nd deadline.