Press Release – “Hello my name is…” campaign

Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association, said:

The Patients Association fully supports the “Hello my name is…” campaign. We know from the many calls to our Helpline that patients want to be treated by caring and compassionate staff; who treat them as a real person, not a statistic.

Staff delivering healthcare must remember that their patients are human beings, with a name. It is sad that we have reached a stage where a campaign is necessary to encourage staff to introduce themselves; surely this basic level of communication should come naturally to those in healthcare.

For many patients in hospital, being treated with respect and courtesy goes a very long way. We hope that this campaign will encourage doctors and nurses to improve the experience of patients and make their hospital stay more bearable.


 Notes for Editors

1. The Patients Association is a campaigning charity, listening to patients and speaking up for change. It has been working for over 50 years to make sure that the patient voice is heard and listened to by policy makers.
2. For further information please contact the Patients Association on 020 8423 9111 or 07779 004898.
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The Patients Association is an independent national health and social care charity established over 50 years ago and has a long history of campaigning to ensure that the voice of patients is heard within the Health and Social care system

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