By giving a regular donation you can help us to continue providing support for those who need it, and enable us to better plan for the future knowing that your donations are coming.

For employees

Payroll giving is a tax effective way to give, as your donation is deducted before tax, meaning the Patients Association receives more from a smaller donation.

For each £1 you give to us, it will only cost you 80p, or 60p if you are higher rate tax payer. 

And giving directly from your salary is quick and simple to do.

You can find out if your company offers payroll giving by speaking to your HR or payroll department, or by checking on the Geared for Giving website

For employers

Payroll giving is free and simple to set up and run, and offers a great benefit to your employees. There are awards and recognition for companies and you will be contributing to important charitable causes that mean something to your employees.

If you'd like to set up a payroll giving scheme in your workplace you can find out more about how it works from the Geared for Giving website

If you'd like a representative of the Patients Association to talk to your staff about giving through Payroll Giving, please contact Sarah Reilly, Head of Income Generation on [email protected] or 020 8423 9111.