Here at the Patients Association, we work to bring the issues raised through our helplines to life through reports to fix the problems patients and staff identify. That means the reports we write are all about improving the patient experience. We have helpfully divided our work in to four key areas. These four areas are at the core of all that we do at the Patients Association, they are: access to services, patient engagement, quality of care and patient safety.

Child under nutrition project

The issue of malnutrition amongst children has traditionally, although not exclusively, focused on malnutrition in the developing world. However, malnutrition or under-nutrition in children in the UK is an increasing problem, which this report looks at in more detail and highlights recommendations into what needs to be done to improve this. 

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Transforming the cycle of cancer care

At the end of 2016, our Chief Executive led a panel of experts in a discussion to address the negative cycle of cancer care that can sometimes exist in the UK. The Patients Association is committed to ensuring that the NHS provides the best service possible for patients, through collaborative working that identifies best practice and cost efficiencies.

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Recommendations by The Patients Association for the Spring Budget 2017

The recent well-documented slump in NHS performance must be addressed by action from the Chancellor in this week’s Budget. He must also address the widely acknowledged crisis in social care, with which the problems in the NHS are inextricably bound up. It is now clear that the settlement for the health and social care system in the 2015 Spending Review is fundamentally inadequate, and must be revisited.

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Patient Safety

Ensuring members of the public are safe at all times when they are in hospital, visiting a dentist or their GP or being looked after by a care provider is at the forefront of our campaigning work. The issues and fields of work that we cover vary greatly, and include everything from ensuring patients get the right nutriments whilst they are being looked after, to promoting awareness of mental health issues, and holding health providers to account when a medical procedure goes wrong.

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Dysphagia Awareness

The Patients Association has been raising awareness of the issues faced by patients affected by swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). This has been particularly significant issue for residents of care homes.

Whether you are a health care practitioner, carer or relative of someone in care, find out more about Dysphagia and how you can campaign to raise awareness.

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Anti-microbial resistance

The threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) represents arguably the greatest patient safety challenge of our time. Resistant infections have the potential to kill and can spread to others and this could have catastrophic effects on society and on our healthcare services. The Patients Association has consistently called for responsible prescribing and public promotion of the issue.

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Malnutrition and me

The Patients Association is undertaking an inquiry into ‘Malnutrition in UK Care’ and will be examining issues relating to Malnutrition in end of life care. Figures show that one-third of people aged 65 years or over are at risk of malnutrition on admission to hospital, so the  purpose of this inquiry is to understand the experiences of patients and healthcare professionals who have suffered from, or worked with, those who have suffered from malnutrition.

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Feeling the wait

Since 2010 we have released an annual report in to NHS waiting times of elective surgery in order to map the state of the NHS. Whilst some voices challenge the overall effectiveness of targets in the public sector, here at the Patients Association consider them to be a valuable and important tool for analysing changes and impacts as a result of national policy and spending. 

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