GP Diagnosis

Example: Christina has been complaining to her GP for a long time about her persistent tiredness and a rash on her skin. Although her GP made a diagnosis and prescribed her medication, the symptoms have persisted. Christina believes that the initial diagnosis was wrong.

When a patient has doubts about a diagnosis, or the way that a particular condition or problem is being treated, they should be able to seek a second opinion from another GP.

This isn’t always easy to do, as doctors can react badly to having their decisions questioned. We would advise patients that disagree, or have concerns about, their GP’s assessment of their health to politely ask the GP to arrange for a second opinion.

Patients should calmly ask their GP for a second opinion and may find neutral phrases helpful, such as “Just to reassure me…” If your GP still refuses to grant you a second opinion you do have the right to change GPs quickly and easily. However the decision to change GPs should not be taken lightly.

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