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We are a small, but dedicated and powerful charity and we want you to get involved. Here you can discover our latest press releases, sign up to our campaigns, read our research papers and so much more! 

Press Office

Welcome to the Patients Association Press Office. We are happy to take requests for print, radio, TV and online media interviews. If you would like to be added to the Patients Association media mailing list, then please email your contact details to our Communications and Digital Officer, at media@patients-association.com You can also keep in touch with our latest press releases and public statements here or by following us on Twitter and Facebook. 

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We have a dedicated and experienced team of Project Managers who are able to offer bespoke training for your organisation. We have delivered training and development programmes for a range of health and social care providers and university courses throughout England and Wales.

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Here at The Patients Association, we work to bring the issues raised through our helplines to life through reports to fix the problems patients and staff identify. That means the reports we write are all about improving the patient experience. We have helpfully divided our work in to four key areas. These four areas are at the core of all that we do at The Patients Association, they are: access to services, patient engagement, quality of care and patient safety.

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Consultations and responses

The Patients Association responds to a range of consultations that directly and indirectly affect patients and the health care they receive. Take part in our latest survey or read our previous consultation responses.

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Are you passionate about improving health and social care, protecting your local NHS services or do you want to fight for better patient safety? Then get involved in our campaign work today!

You can also read more about the areas we campaign on below.


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Patient Safety

Ensuring members of the public are safe at all times when they are in hospital, visiting a dentist or their GP or being looked after by a care provider is at the forefront of our campaigning work. The issues and fields of work that we cover vary greatly, and include promoting awareness of mental health issues – and holding health providers to account when a medical procedure goes wrong.

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