In early February 2019 the inaugural Improving Patient Safety and Care conference took place at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. The event was chaired by our very own Lucy Watson, and assessed the NHS’s safety record and how its Long Term Plan intends to improve care for people across the country. Experts across the health sector spoke at the conference, including Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, and Professor Ted Baker, Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Care Quality Commission.

In her opening address, Lucy Watson, Chair of the Patients Association, said that while patient care across the country is very good overall, errors should be fully investigated when they do occur, and that patients want the NHS to share learning and best practice. Lucy said that patients want to be listened to and communicated with clearly by health professionals. She also stressed the importance of working towards an open and just culture in the health service, saying that people want the truth from NHS staff when something has gone wrong. Patients and families also want to know who is accountable for providing answers and for making changes.

Mr Hancock’s talk focused on the importance of leadership in facilitating patient safety. A transcript of his talk can be read here. You can catch up on the other highlights from the conference by searching for the #ipsc2019 hashtag on Twitter, or by clicking here.

You can now watch Lucy’s full presentation from the event here, or below. More clips from the event can be found here.