"We are appalled to read the details of patients’ experiences, catalogued in the report by the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review, First Do No Harm. The level of suffering and the failure by the NHS to act in so many cases is shocking.

"It is also a major concern to us to see the systemic problems the NHS has with regard to safety and listening to patients’ concerns, which we have to persistently raise.

"Much as we have all admired and been grateful for the dedication of NHS staff in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there can be no hiding the fact that the NHS has a serious Achilles heel when it comes to patients raising concerns about safety or reporting failures in their care. Far too often the NHS tends to deny and close its ears – this occurs again and again.

"Fixing this will require every clinician, professional and manager in the NHS to face up to uncomfortable truths and examine their own behaviour honestly – this is a systemic problem, not a matter of a few rogue individuals.

"This report shows that the NHS needs to review radically how it takes on board what patients tell it – patients are always willing to give their input, and the NHS must become equally willing to listen. In this context and with the harrowing evidence of this report, talk of a ‘reset’ of the NHS that does not involve listening properly to patients, from the start and throughout, is all the more concerning."