The Patients Association is urgently calling on the Government to identify the underlying issues behind current drug shortages and take measures to resolve the situation before it gets any worse. We are deeply concerned to hear reports from pharmacists struggling to secure important medication for patients and finding it difficult to advise patients due to a lack of information about what is causing these drug shortages and delays.

The Government must consider all of the factors that can affect availability of medicines, clearly communicate the results of this analysis, and take actions to ensure an uninterrupted supply to pharmacies and patients.

CEO of the Patients Association, Rachel Power, says: "It is unacceptable to hear that patients are being turned away due to lack of medicines, and with the additional uncertainty around the impact of Brexit, it is crucial that pharmacists are able to provide reliable information to patients.

"No patient should be left feeling uncertain about what will happen with vital medication, and they need to have access to the information they need in order to make informed decisions about their healthcare".