The Patients Association has launched its 2019 membership survey, and we are inviting members to share their views.

As valued members, your opinions are of the utmost importance to us at the Patients Association. We know that patients are best placed to understand what is currently happening on the frontline of the NHS, and that it should therefore be patients who are at the forefront of shaping its future.

We want to know how satisfied you are with how the NHS currently runs, and we want to learn more about the health and social care issues that matter the most to you. We also want to know how we can better represent you, and to find out more about your membership preferences.

This is your opportunity to share your opinions and ideas about how we can continue to strengthen the Patients Association and improve the value of our membership, so please do complete the short survey here.

The information you provide will help us better understand patients' concerns and will enable us to build on our work towards improving patient experience. All responses will be completely private and confidential.

Please note: as this newsletter is available to everyone, including members and non-members of the Patients Association, we would like to encourage those who may not have already signed up to join the Patients Association as a member today.

Not sure if you’re an existing member of the Patients Association? If you have not previously completed our membership application form, it’s unlikely you’re an existing member, and you therefore won’t be receiving the additional benefits of membership including our quarterly members’ newsletter and information about events, including our Annual General Meeting. Don’t worry, though – you can still complete our survey and share your thoughts – we’d like to hear from everyone about how the NHS can improve. However, in order to have your views published as part of our results you need to be an existing member. It’s entirely free to join and takes just a few minutes to complete the form.

If you’re not sure whether you’re currently a member and would like us to check our records, email [email protected].  

If you have any questions about the survey, email Shivani Shah, Head of Programmes and Community & Patient Engagement Manager on [email protected].