NHS England and Improvement announced changes to the NHS’s complaints process during the coronavirus emergency. Individual NHS organisations were given leeway to pause or reduce their investigation processes, although they still had to accept new complaints. This 'pause' ended on July 1st, and NHS organisations are now expected to investigate complaints.

Similarly, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman paused its complaints investigation work and did not accept new complaints. From July 1st, it resumed accepting new complaints. Anyone whose 12-month time limit for bringing a complaint to PHSO ran out during the closure period has two months from the start of July to raise their case with PHSO. The latest information on PHSO's work is available on their website.

If you wish to report a concern about your care, you can also report it to the CQC under their Declare Your Care scheme, which remains open. You can go to them direct, or do it via our helpline. 

Last updated: July 1st 2020, 08:45.