The Patient Coalition for AI, Data and Digital Tech in Health

As the first of its kind, the Patient Coalition for AI, Data and Digital Tech in Health unites a truly diverse group of patient groups, charities, Royal Colleges and industry with a focus on championing the patient perspective in digital health.

The Coalition will work to provide insights and influence the policymaking process to progress this agenda by: identifying gaps in the evidence and conducting research to offer novel insights on patient priorities in digital health; developing policy recommendations; and engaging with Government stakeholders and other policymakers to advocate and campaign for system improvements.

London, 3rd February 2021: ‘Digital Health during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Learning Lessons to Maintain Momentum’ draws on research and case studies of good practice in digital health during the pandemic to offer policy recommendations to help ensure the UK capitalises on the potential of digital health to the benefit of patients, the NHS and the UK, after the crisis subsides.

The report, launched by the Patient Coalition for AI, Data and Digital Tech in Health, with support from patient organisations and the Royal Colleges of Nursing and Radiologists, highlights that uptake of digital health technologies has been limited, while patient experience of technologies including video conferencing and mobile apps has been mixed. While patients strongly believe in the value of digital health, there are still significant concerns about using it, particularly around data collection and sharing.

The Coalition draws on key learnings from 11 case studies of digital health technologies that have provided vital support to patients and healthcare professionals during the pandemic to conclude that effective digital approaches to healthcare need to:
1. Respond directly to patient needs
2. Ensure technology is easy to use
3. Embrace convenience and flexibility
4. Maintain the human aspect of healthcare
5. Support clinicians.

The Patients Association serves as Chair of the Coalition and Lexington Communications serves as Secretariat. This report has been developed with support from:

• Association of Medical Research Charities
• Asthma UK
• British Lung Foundation
• British Heart Foundation
• Diabetes UK
• Fight for Sight
• Parkinson’s UK
• Patient Safety Learning
• The Patients Association
• Royal College of Nursing
• Royal College of Radiologists
• Royal Society of Medicine – Digital Health Council
• Stroke Association

This report reflects the view of the Patient Coalition on AI, Data and Digital Tech in Health and may not reflect the individual views of every one of the organisations that contributed to its creation.