Patients deserve high quality and safe care which meets their needs.

We can work with you to design a project to learn from patients' experiences and make recommendations for how to implement improvements.  Recent and current projects include:

Meals in hospitals 

This project examined people's experiences of the in-patient food, drink and meal service while in hospital. Taking a patient-centred view, we produced a series of recommendations for food service providers and hospitals to help ensure patients are getting what they want and need.

Find out more about the meals in hospitals findings here

Transforming the cycle of cancer care

The Patients Association and Bristol-Myers Squibb are working alongside experts and patients from across the cancer space to identify new models of service delivery, showcase best practice, and provide real improvements in patient care.

Find out about the project and watch the film here

Care Home Charter

Our survey of medicines-related care of residents with dysphagia in care homes found as many as 50% of residents were affected by swallowing difficulties.  This can make tablets difficult or even impossible to swallow. Despite the high numbers affected, we found only 10% of homes surveyed had specific protocol to guide staff in administering medication to people with dysphagia and only 20% had arranged training in this important area.

You can read the full findings of the survey here 

The findings led to the creation of a Dysphagia and Medicines Advisory Group and subsequently the development of a new Care Home Charter for swallowing medicines.

Care Academy

We have developed The Care Academy in partnership with Waltham Forest CCG and Leyton Sixth Form College. It offers a unique opportunity for students who want to enter a health or social care profession to gain real work experience in a care home setting whilst also supporting the care home residents with additional 1:1 support. The academy has been designed to help students develop the necessary skills, values and ethics that are at the heart of becoming a nurse or health professional. It is practical, dynamic and will thoroughly prepare students for a degree in nursing. 

Find our library of reports here

Further projects currently in development include:

  • Patient Empowerment
  • Nurse retention
  • Improving Communications

In addition we work extensively with NHS Trusts to make improvements to patients' experiences of complaints  

Find out about our complaints handling improvement work here

Work with us

If you would like to engage with patients to improve their experience of health or social care, we can design a project with you.  For more information please contact Heather Eardley, Head of Projects and Partnerships on [email protected]  or 07872 633 189.