Patients deserve high quality and safe care which meets their needs.

We can work with you to design a project to learn from patients' experiences and make recommendations for how to implement improvements.  Recent and current projects include:

The GP premises of the future 

The location and buildings where patients see their family doctor (GP) or other health professional vary widely across the country. As the first point of contact for healthcare services for the majority of patients, the design of these buildings is important. Informal feedback tells us that the quality of these buildings convey a strong message to patients, visitors, volunteers, and staff leading to conclusions about the care provided. 

We launched a survey in August 2018 and held a series of focus groups on this topic throughout the summer to find out how patients feel about their GP services. You can read our report outlining our findings and setting out a series of recommendations here. 

Meals in hospitals 

This project examined people's experiences of the in-patient food, drink and meal service while in hospital. Taking a patient-centred view, we produced a series of recommendations for food service providers and hospitals to help ensure patients are getting what they want and need.

Find out more about the meals in hospitals findings here

Transforming the cycle of cancer care

The Patients Association and Bristol-Myers Squibb are working alongside experts and patients from across the cancer space to identify new models of service delivery, showcase best practice, and provide real improvements in patient care.

Find out about the project and watch the film here

Supporting Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

GP practices in England are required to have a PPG and whilst the flexibility of having no set way to run them is an advantage in being able to tailor each PPG to the needs of the community served by each individual GP practice, it can also be daunting to set one up without an established model for how it should work.

In partnership with Londonwide Local Medical Practice (LMCs) we've developed a toolkit to assist general practices and patients to establish an effective PPG.

The toolkit is free for any PPG to use.  We also run regular webinars to assist those establishing or seeking to improve their PPG.

Click here for access to the PPG toolkit

Click here to contact us about further assistance with your PPG

Bespoke Projects

We can work with your organisation to develop the project that is right for your patients.  We can support you with any of the following:

  • Gathering patient feedback: We can conduct large scale patient and carer feedback surveys on a range of issues and/or small in depth qualitative interviews and focus groups to offer patients an opportunity to be heard.  We can review current processes for feedback and recommend improvements.  We can support a one-off project or an ongoing piece of work through our NHS membership scheme.

  • Developing patient involvement: We have developed a model of working with NHS Trusts, GP practices and other health and social care organisations to assist with patient involvement. We can help to improve patient engagement and move towards more co-productive ways of working, for example:
    • Setting up new and supporting existing Patient Councils
    • Involving patients and carers in commissioning using research evidence –jointly with a university
    • Development of patient led programme to involve the local community in owning their hospital
    • Development of “Always Events” and patient measures for an NHS England Area Team.

  • Developing resources and reports: We can work with your organisation to develop bespoke resources to enable participation for patients in your local area, for example:
    • Working Together Guide, developed with Plymouth University, provides tips on how better to involve patients as equal partners in the spirit of true "co-production”
    • Nutrition checklist creates an opportunity for health care practitioners, family carers and the voluntary sector to identify issues about diet and nutrition.

Find our library of reports here

Further projects currently in development include:

  • Patient Empowerment
  • Nurse retention
  • Improving Communications

In addition we work extensively with NHS Trusts to make improvements to patients' experiences of complaints  

Find out about our complaints handling improvement work here

Work with us

If you would like to engage with patients to improve their experience of health or social care, we can design a project with you.  For more information please contact [email protected], or contact the ofice on 020 8423 9111.