Patient surveys and focus groups 

We regularly offer patients opportunities to take part in surveys and focus groups, to inform both our policy and campaigning work, and our work with other organisations on projects that enhance practice and knowledge in health and social care.

We value your participation and encourage you to complete the below surveys - they should no longer than ten minutes each to complete and will provide us with valuable information on patients’ views across a range of topics.

All information collected will be held in the strictest confidence and only used in accordance with the permissions you give us and with our privacy policy

The GP premises of the future 

The location and buildings where patients see their family doctor (GP) or other health professional vary widely across the country. As the first point of contact for healthcare services for the majority of patients, the design of these buildings is important. Informal feedback tells us that the quality of these buildings convey a strong message to patients, visitors, volunteers, and staff leading to conclusions about the care provided.

The Patients Association are undertaking a survey and will be holding a focus group to explore this topic in more detail. The aim is to gather patients’ views of GP surgery buildings with a view to highlighting how important the physical environment might be for people’s health and for shaping the experiences people have of primary care. Share your thoughts on your local surgery or health centre and give your views on future improvements by completing our survey. The survey will close on 31 August.

We will be holding a series of focus groups in Birmingham, Blackpool, Eastleigh and London to gather more views on this topic. To register your interest, email [email protected] or contact the helpline on 020 8423 8999.

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Medication for specific conditions

Are you taking medication to treat a condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis or Crohn’s disease?

We would like to hear your thoughts so we can better understand the needs of patients on these types of medications and the issues surrounding changes to medication, involvement in shared decision-making and any educational needs.

Medications are one of the areas the NHS is looking at in its drive to deliver safe and high quality services that take account of new advances in medicine as well as improve efficiency. If you are taking medication for a specific condition, share your thoughts by completing our survey before 31 August.

We will be holding a focus group in Birmingham to gather more detailed views on this subject in the coming months. To register your interest, email [email protected] or contact the helpline on 020 8423 8999.

This project is funded by a non-restricted educational grant from AbbVie. 

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Access to treatments

NHS England is consulting on restricting access to certain treatments, for a variety of reasons. It says that some are not clinically effective or only sometimes effective, some may in fact do more harm than good, and for some there are better alternatives available.

We would like to hear your views on whether and how access to treatments should be restricted by the NHS. We are therefore running an online survey – it should take no longer than ten minutes to complete. It will inform our response to the consultation, and we will also issue a separate report giving the full findings.

If you would like to respond directly to NHS England’s consultation, you can do so here.

NHS England are also holding two open events for patients to discuss the proposals and share feedback, in Leeds on Wednesday 22 August (12 noon to 2pm) and in London on Thursday 23 August (10am to 12 noon). Email [email protected] to register your interest.

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Commission a patient survey

We work with, and on behalf of, other organisations to involve patients more closely in service design and delivery, new products and technologies, with a view to improving patient experience and patient safety. 

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