Patient surveys and focus groups 

We regularly offer patients opportunities to take part in surveys and focus groups, to inform both our policy and campaigning work, and our work with other organisations on projects that enhance practice and knowledge in health and social care.

All information collected will be held in the strictest confidence and only used in accordance with the permissions you give us and with our privacy policy

Current opportunities

Patient experience - what matters to you

From now until at least the end of 2020, our major focus is patient experience. We are investigating what matters to patients, and will be launching recommendations and initiatives next year, based on what you tell us.

To let us know what has made a difference to your care - good or bad - please complete this survey. It is an in-depth questionnaire, so please set aside ten minutes to go through the questions. Thank you for your help with this important piece of work.

Food in hospitals

Food is an important part of life – bringing people together and keeping us nourished and healthy – and everyone has a food-related story to tell.

We want to hear about your experiences of food in hospitals – did you get a choice of food? How did it taste? If you needed assistance with eating, was there someone who could help you?

Earlier this year the NHS Hospital Food Review was launched, and the Patients Association has been asked to collect your opinions and experiences of hospital catering, to feed into this work. If you have been in hospital in the past six months, please do take a moment to complete this survey. It won’t take more than five minutes and will help inform the work of the NHS Hospital Review Panel ahead of the publication of their review early next year.

From hospital into care

Discharging your loved ones from hospital and into care can be a very difficult time and we want to find out just what the impact is on family and close friends.  We've teamed up with ZBD Associates to collate people's experiences, whether good or bad, so if you do have any information to share please take a couple of minutes to fill out this quick survey.

Commission a patient survey

We work with, and on behalf of, other organisations to involve patients more closely in service design and delivery, new products and technologies, with a view to improving patient experience and patient safety. 

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