You can find the election candidates in your area on the website Who Can I Vote For?* The website will usually have contact information of some sort for the candidates – it might be an email address, or it might be one or more of their social media pages.

When you’ve found your candidates, why not send them an email asking if they put patients over politics? Briefly explain what you mean by that – remembering why health and care really matter to people, and not using the issues purely for party advantage – and say why it matters to you.

If they have Facebook pages, you might prefer to send them a message, or leave a comment on one of their status updates.

If you’re unsure what to say, see our suggested template email and Facebook messages.

Let us know how you get on, and if you hear back from them:

Key points to consider including:

  • People’s health and wellbeing, and being able to get good care and treatment when it’s needed, are among the things that matter most to people
  • Politicians should be treating these issues seriously, and coming together to find solutions, rather than using them for party advantage
  • Talk about your own experience, and why this matters to you.

If you want further ideas for things to say, see our page on what the campaign is all about.

*Who Can I Vote For? is an ‘open source’ website that relies on individual users entering information, so if you know of candidates who aren’t listed you can add their information yourself. (It is developed independently of the Patients Association, and we are not responsible for what happens when you use it.)