2022 - Consultation response - COVID-19 inquiry draft terms of reference
We offered comments on the draft terms of reference for the public inquiry into the handling of COVID-19.

2021 - Consultation response - Making vaccination a condition of deployment in the health and wider social care sector
In this response, we outline our thoughts on mandatory vaccination for health and care staff.

2021 - Position statement - Vaccines and healthcare professionals
We believe that people who work with patients should be vaccinated against COVID-19

2021 - Position statement - Care for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic
We call for care to be maintained for all groups who need support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 - Consultation response - Submission to the Health Foundation’s COVID-19 impact inquiry
A record of our submission via the inquiry's online form.

2020 - Report - Pandemic Patient Experience
Our survey of patients shows that the emergency response to COVID-19 came at a heavy cost to patients.