At the Patients Association, we're always looking for new ways to engage with patients, their families, and carers.

That's why during mid-March to mid-April we launched our brand new weekly question and answer session, 'Your care, your choice'.

You joined us each Friday at 3pm to ask your health and social care related questions live on Facebook.

You can watch these back anytime by 'liking' or 'following' us on Facebook. 

If you didn't manage to join us on the day, don't worry - we've shared the videos below too. 


Today we discussed the role of Next of Kin and what an Advance Decision. We also chatted about the support that charities such as Age UK and Compassion in Dying can offer.


During today's Q&A we chatted about why you might get deregistered from your GP and hospital and GP waiting times. We also looked at the role of NHS Choices and the Parliamentary Health and Service Ombudsman (PHSO)


Today we discussed how to make the most of your limited time with your GP or dentist, as well as the role of Healthwatch England and also NHS 111.


Today we discussed issues including how to find a GP, how to access your medical records and the role of organisations like Care Quality Commission (CQC) and PALS.

We hope that you find our very first video helpful and informative!