We are very excited to have launched our Patients Over Politics campaign.

This is the opportunity for everyone who feels strongly about health and care to make sure our politicians remember what really matters. Being able to live in good physical and mental health, and being able to get treatment and care when we need it, are of fundamental importance to all of us.

That’s why we want to encourage politicians to keep in mind why these things matter to patients, and not to use the issues just for party advantage.

There are many ways for everyone to get involved and spread the word, both online and in real life. On the Patients Over Politics microsite you’ll find information and advice on how to contact your candidates and speak to them, as well as suggestions for spreading the Patients Over Politics message among your friends and family.

If you want a couple of easy actions to get started with, you can take our online survey [now closed - results to follow] to say whether you feel confident in politicians' handling of health and care issues. Or why not put a campaign poster in your window? They are available free on request, or you can order larger, professionally printed versions - see our Take Action page for full details.

We hope you will enjoy getting involved during this election campaign – do keep an eye on the website, follow us on social media and subscribe to Weekly News, if you don’t already, to keep up with the latest from the campaign.

Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and your participation.