The Brexit Party has issues what it calls a 'contract with the people' instead of a manifesto. Its foreword explains: "Our Contract with the People is a targeted set of deliverable pledges. We are not seeking election as a government. We are seeking to deliver the Brexit that we were promised three and a half years ago.”

Its policy pledges relating to health, care and wellbeing are below, and you can read the full document in the following places:


  • Continued investment in the NHS, better management, increasing the number of medical staff and cutting waste.
  • The NHS must remain a publicly-owned, comprehensive service that is free at the point of use.
  • There should be no privatisation of the NHS; where existing private initiatives have failed to deliver they will be returned to public ownership.
  • Support investment in medical research and development; stop the taxpayer being ripped off by pharmaceutical companies.
  • Abolish all politically imposed hospital targets that distort clinical priorities.
  • Re-open the nursing and midwifery professions to recruitment without the degree requirement, alongside a new nursing qualification in social care.
  • Introduce 24-hour GP surgeries to relieve the strain in A&E departments.
  • Have a national debate on our NHS, involving the public alongside MPs, doctors and experts.
  • Discuss ring-fencing the NHS budget and the tax revenues that pay for it.

Welfare benefits

  • Support those who have paid into the system with accelerated payment processes (five-week maximum), and continue to root out fraud.
  • Undertake a 12-month review of the system and bring in reforms within two years.
  • Review the position of women unexpectedly short-changed by recent rises in the state pension age.
  • Extend the use of dormant funds to support civil society.


  • Simplify the planning and development processes to encourage small and medium sized developers, accelerating the pace of development to increase housing supply.
  • Change the funding model to make it easier for councils to borrow from central government to build council houses.