How technology is improving the lives of the elderly

Guest post by Ryan Duffy

The technological revolution took place many years ago, but there are some that would argue that we are still in the midst of it, and you can see why. In the UK alone, it is worth £58 billion annually and this is expected to see a continuous rise. In 2017, it is harder to think of more examples where technology is not having a positive impact on people – and one of the areas where it’s helping, is with the elderly.

It is known that as we get older, the simple day-to-day tasks we undertake become more difficult. What once only took a small ounce of effort, starts to require full focus and commitment – and this is of course is a big problem.

What Can It Do?

For the younger demographic who are categorised as the millennials and generation Z, technology is the norm, it is something that they have grown up with and is part of their everyday life. However, for the ‘silent generation’ and the ‘baby boomers’ (elderly people) – the chances are that they would have only recently been made aware of how technology can be used.

It is a well-known problem that there are a number of seniors who struggle with feeling lonely when they reach an older age. But what if they learnt how to stay in contact with people through technology? For a lot of people, using Facebook, Facetime or Skype is second nature to them. However, there are a now a lot of people who are teaching their elderly friends and family how to use this software as way for them to stay in touch with the people close to them.

Additionally, as technology has developed there have been a number of devices made which are solely designed for making life better for the elderly.

The Technology Available

As mentioned, when we get older simple tasks can become more difficult. Thankfully, there is now lots of technology which can improve people’s lives to make these tasks easier. One such device is GrandCare, which is a piece of software which acts as a carer for elderly people who struggle with some day-to-day tasks. It can offer social communications through the internet, instructions, reminders, medication prompts, and other web-based entertainment. Additionally, there is an app carers can have which is connected to the device which gives alerts should anything be amiss.

This type of technology is fantastic, and is a clear sign that technology is advancing in a way that can help all types of people. There are a number of other pieces of technology which can be used, such as the popular Fit Bit, which allows users to record their heart rate and decide how much exercise each person does. This will of course help with keeping the elderly fit and active.

To Sum Up

There is no doubting how much technology has advanced and how it can be hugely helpful in the lives of older people. One of the things we need to ensure is that the elderly are well-informed as to how they could be using the technology which is available to them. As people who are of an older age would not have been brought up with technology – so the generations that were will need to take some responsibility in ensuring that older people are taught how to use this technology.

We have been given the wonderful gift of technology, but it is important to remember that it still can’t replace meaningful relationships and human interaction. If both are used together, it can certainly help to vastly improve the lives of the elderly.