PSO What?

Today in the UK1 and Ireland2, nearly 2 million people are living with psoriasis.

Recognising that much still needs to change in the care of people living with psoriasis the Patients Association, LEO Pharma, a group of patients, healthcare professionals and charities have joined together to fight back against psoriasis. The PSO What? Report, led by the Patients Association and LEO Pharma in collaboration with the expert PSO What? Taskforce, shows that psoriasis is far from ‘just a skin condition’.

A survey commissioned for the report shows that psoriasis negatively affects the quality of life of 93% of the people surveyed, but a third of people with the condition do not regularly visit their GP each year – many suffer in silence.3 All people living with psoriasis deserve regular reviews with a healthcare professional – at least annually – to ensure they can access the best psoriasis care possible and screen for further complications. This isn’t happening in practice.

Action needs to be taken now by patients, healthcare professionals and the public.

Whether you are someone living with psoriasis, a GP or healthcare professional, or know someone with the condition, make a pledge here to do one thing differently to help make a difference for people living with psoriasis in the UK and Ireland.

Click the button below to read the PSO What? Report and to make your pledge.


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