The Communities and Local Government Committee Report

On Friday 31st March The Communities and Local Government Committee released a report revealing that inadequate funding is seriously affecting the quantity and quality of adult social care.

Clive Betts, Chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee, said: “During our inquiry we heard mounting concerns about the serious impact which inadequate funding is having both on the quality and on the level of care which people receive. We heard compelling evidence of acute threats to care providers’ financial viability and an increasing reliance on unpaid carers.”

The report also found severe challenges in the care workforce, with high turnover rates, as well as low pay, lack of training and inadequate career opportunities. The Committee called for a long-term fix, working on a cross-party basis and involving the public and social care sector, which must be ambitious and consider a wide range of potential funding sources. The committee did welcome the additional funding provided in the Budget and the upcoming Green Paper on social care funding.