Our vision

Our vision is for health and social care services that provide high quality and safe care, where patients and their carers are valued as expert partners and recognised as individuals. And for a health system that is compassionate, accessible and inclusive for everyone that seeks to improve and innovate.

Likewise, we want to see a culture where transparency thrives, patients, their families, carers and staff are empowered to raise concerns and make complaints to contribute to a better and safer healthcare system. We believe this should be an accountable system where this feedback is valued and acted upon.


Our mission is to listen to patients and speak up for change.


As an organisation we will seek to live our values and these values will underpin all of the work that we do.

We will always treat patients and their families, friends, carers as individuals. We will listen and act with respect and dignity.

We will seek to work with a wide range of stakeholder to share knowledge and promote excellence within the health and social care sector.

We will remain independent from Government and fearlessly champion patient interest.

We have a responsibility to all patients. We will campaign against discrimination and disadvantage in the health and social care sector.

We will always put patient interests first and ensure that their voice is heard to create lasting change.

We demand the best from ourselves and the health and social care service. We will take pride in what we do and champion innovation.