London, 21st June: The Patients Association remains deeply upset by the planned junior doctor strikes at the end of this month. 

The timing of the action, with the UK now in a pre-election period and no government for the BMA to negotiate with, means there is no possibility for talks to prevent these strikes. 

The only thing the planned five-day strike at the end of June will achieve is disruption to patient care as appointments and procedures need to be rescheduled. Patients’ health will be compromised. 

We understand and respect the concerns raised by junior doctors around pay, conditions, and the need to safeguard the future of the NHS workforce.  

But this prolonged industrial dispute has already caused hardship for many patients. With waiting times at record highs, further cancellations of thousands of appointments and procedures is simply unacceptable from a patient viewpoint.

The Patients Association backs the recent call from the NHS Confederation for the BMA and all political parties to pledge to get meaningful talks back on track as an urgent priority, as soon as the election is over and for the BMA to call off this month’s strikes. 

Patients must not continue to be harmed because of this ongoing dispute between junior doctors and the Government. 

The new Government must prioritise patient care and wellbeing, and act to prevent more widespread disruption to the health services people rely on every day.

Photo credit: Junior doctors protesting in 2020 Rohin Francis