At election time, many people want to know what the parties are saying about health, care and wellbeing. To keep people informed, we have pulled out all the pledges from the manifestos of the parties that are fielding candidates across the United Kingdom:

As you will see, in most cases there is still a lot of material to read through! I’d like to explain briefly how we went about summarising them.

Firstly, as a registered charity we have to be impartial between political parties and candidates at all times, and that remains true during general elections. So the policies are presented in a form as close as possible to what the parties published, without any comment from us on which policies might matter most, or be the best or worst.

We have stripped out each party’s narrative, and included just the policy pledges. The wording remains very close to what the party used – in places, we have amended it so that it makes sense on its own, without the political rhetoric that accompanies it in the original manifesto, but otherwise you will find it as the party published it.

In some cases, we have grouped the pledges under some new headings, to make the themes easier to identify (sometimes they are mixed in among other policy issues in the parties’ main documents).

Hopefully this allows you to see clearly what each party is promising, and to be able to judge it for yourself.

We have provided links to easy read versions of the manifestos where they are available. 

The summaries also take a very broad approach to what relates to health, care and wellbeing. We regularly call for government to take a strategic approach that recognises the importance of factors like housing, the environment and work to a person’s health and wellbeing, so we have tried to capture all relevant policies, and not introduce an arbitrary dividing line to rule things in or out.

Finally, remember that health and care are devolved policy policy areas. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, policy is decided in the elections to the Parliament and Assemblies respectively, not in UK general elections. So we have only provided digests for the five parties that are standing a substantial number of candidates across the UK as a whole.

As a charity, we cannot advise anyone on which party or candidate they should vote for. We do, however, outline our very broad approach to health, care and wellbeing issues for this election on this website. We hope that having a thorough run-down of each party’s commitments will help people who care about health and wellbeing to make an informed decision on polling day.

John Kell
Head of Policy
The Patients Association