This year’s annual general meeting (AGM) was held online on 1st July 2021 at 4pm.

It was mainly a brisk, business-only virtual meeting during which our Chief Executive, Rachel Power, took members through our patient partnership strategy and why it’s so important to the Association.

Rachel said the aim behind the strategy is to ensure everybody can access and benefit from the health and care they need to live well. We believe this can be ensured if services are designed and delivered through equal partnership with patients.

“It’s about sharing power,” said Rachel. “The strategy will provide guidance and clarity for the organisation over the next five years, and we look forward to engaging with members as we develop our plans.”

Chair of the Patients Association, Lucy Watson, told the meeting that patient partnership can make such a difference at every level of care, from face-to-face meetings right through to the development of health policy.

“Our focus on patient partnership is vital given the current situation. As the NHS rebuilds services, it must be done in partnership with patients and communities to address health inequalities the pandemic brought to the forefront of everyone’s attention,” she said. 

Our treasurer, Trustee Issac Egberedu, told the meeting of a very challenging year for the charity. “But we worked very hard to ensure our income was raised and we curtailed our expenditure,” he said. 

One of the ways we held down our expenditure in 2020 was a freeze on hiring. This helped our bottom line. Now, however, with a better financial position we were able to appoint staff and Rachel announced to members two appointments: Head of Patient Partnership, Sarah Tilsed, who joins from the National Dementia Alliance, and Head of Communications and Marketing, Maya Anaokar, who joins from the Vaccines Taskforce.   Rachel said that the two appointments would help the charity deliver on its patient partnership strategy.

Rachel brought the meeting to a close with an overview of our immediate plans including working to increase and diversify our membership, involving members in all aspects of the Patient Association’s work, and developing programmes to ensure that patients feel empowered to take an active role in their health and care. She also mentioned that we’re preparing a membership survey as a next step in involving members.

If you missed the AGM you can watch a recording of it. See below.

If you’re not already a member of the Patients Association, join now, membership is free and you can help us work towards our goal of true patient partnership in health and social care.


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