Today we launch Pandemic Patient Experience II, our follow-up to last year’s report looking at patients’ experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In spring and summer last year, we heard patients’ struggles with accessing care and treatment, their dissatisfaction with the processes around ‘shielding’, and their concerns about their own health and the care services they might be able to access in the future.

Revisiting these themes, we found that many of the same issues continue to trouble patients. Access to services has improved on the whole, although difficulties remain and GP services are a particular area of difficulty for patients. Patterns of shielding in practice vary greatly from what the NHS officially advised people to do. Overall, patients report worse or similarly poor experiences of care compared to last summer, and while opinions vary on how well the pandemic has been handled overall, they tend to the negative.

For the full details of our findings, please read the report, or keep an eye on this blog over the coming week, where we will be sharing highlights on a different theme every day.