In this series of articles, we give highlights from our report Pandemic Patient Experience II, which explores people's experiences during the latter part of the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patient feedback on the vaccination programme is extremely positive, especially for a nationwide programme that was rolled out at speed.

The demographics of respondents to our survey – overwhelmingly with long-term conditions – means most (88%) had been offered a vaccination by the time they took the survey, and so their answers offer a strong insight into experiences of the roll-out of the vaccine programme during the February, March and early April of 2021.

While patients were mainly positive about how they were invited to make an appointment and booking an appointment, there were issues for some people because of the two sytems – the nationally-organised centres, and locally-organised centres based in primary care – which caused some confusion.

Patients’ reports of their appointments to receive their vaccinations are also positive, and show a picture of well-organised, quick and accessible appointments.