In this series of articles, we give highlights from our report Pandemic Patient Experience II, which explores people's experiences during the latter part of the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Results from our Pandemic Patient Experience II survey suggest more people are using NHS 111 than before the pandemic.

But the increase is modest: one in ten of our respondents indicated they had used it more than they otherwise would have done.

On balance, the 109 respondents who used it were satisfied with it, but there was a spread of views, and one in ten indicated they were not at all satisfied. Comments from respondents similarly showed a mixed picture: some patients had excellent service from NHS 111, but some others felt badly let down.

As the NHS seeks to increase patients’ use of NHS 111 by, it needs to secure higher satisfaction levels than seen in our survey, and build on the high standard of service that it is able to deliver at least some of the time.