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David Body

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David has worked as a claimant clinical negligence lawyer since the mid-1980’s dealing particularly with claims arising from birth and paediatric injury, anaesthetic and neurosurgical accidents but also most categories of claims arising from failures to diagnose and treat.

In the 1990’s he dealt with a series of product liability claims arising from the use of contaminated growth hormone which caused CJD; this led to him representing the families of variant CJD victims at the BSE Inquiry.

Since 2002 he has been investigating a claim on behalf of children suffering from fetal anticonvulsant syndrome. David heads the Irwin Mitchell Medical Law Team nationally and consequently spends a lot of time on trains.

David’s musical tastes were formed in the 1970’s and have pretty much remained there. As an expatriate Welshman, David exhibits an unsurprisingly fanatical adherence to Welsh rugby which has had to remain muted until recently.