Waiting Times

Example: Boris was told by his GP that he needed a knee replacement. His knee was very painful and was seriously affecting his quality of life. However when he met his Consultant he was told that the waiting time for knee operations at his local hospital was five months.

Waiting times are a feature of any healthcare system, and it can be frustrating when you feel you need an operation quickly and there is a long wait.

However there isn’t a great deal that can be done to tackle the problem. If you feel the wait is excessive, or has been made longer by administrative failings, you should complain directly to the Hospital.

You may be able to have the operation more quickly by contacting the Hospital department involved and asking to be put on their cancellation list.

You could also seek to be refered to a different hospital, although obviously this is no guarantee that the wait will be shorter.

In cases of excessive waiting times we would urge you to let us know about your concerns via our Helpline 08456084455 as we try to monitor waiting times across the country.