Private Healthcare

Example: Sarah wanted to have her condition treated quickly, so she went to a private consultant. During the consultation the doctor asked her to undergo a number of diagnostic tests that she was unaware she had to pay for. Although she now agrees that she had signed a form declaring that she would pay the cost of any tests conducted, she believes that many of them were unnecessary.

The Helpline receives a number of complaints from patients that have paid to be treated privately and only discover after their consultation that they are required to pay for any procedures carried out, such as blood tests.

Often patients will tell us that they feel the doctor treating them has deliberately conducted expensive tests.

If you wish to complain about private healthcare, you should ask the organisation/clinician treating you for their Complaints Procedure. The majority of private organisations are members of The Independent Healthcare Advisory Service (IHAS), which has a code of practice for handling patients’ complaints. You can contact IHAS on 0207 3798598.