Medical Records

Example: Gary recently obtained a copy of his medical records. He was shocked to discover that five years ago his former GP had stated that he was an alcoholic in his medical records. Gary has never been diagnosed as an alcoholic, and has in fact been teetotal for a number of years. This note is a particular problem for Gary as it may affect his employment.

In recent years the number of people choosing to obtain a copy of their medical records has increased considerably. Some of those people are discovering errors, omissions or inaccuracies in their records.

Because medical records are a record of your clinician’s opinion and actions in relation to your healthcare at the time, it is not possible for you to delete or change anything included in your records.

However a note can be added to your records explaining why you think the records are incorrect, and giving the correct version of events. You do not have to pay for a note to be added in this way.

You can obtain a copy of our leaflet ‘How to Access your Medical Records’ on 08456 08 44 55, or by downloading it from our Advice Publications section “How to obtain access to your medical records”.