Why do we need members?

We are proud of all of the work that we have done for over fifty years. But to continue for another fifty years, we need your help.

Across the Country we have been working with NHS trusts to improve the care that they deliver, working on projects to speed up the answering of patients call bells, improve hospital food, make sure people are only discharged when appropriate and to set out a template to make the NHS complaints system work for patients.

Every single day our Helpline helps individual patients and our campaigns speak up for change that will impact on the treatment received by millions. Our casework service has supported hundreds of people that are seeking to raise a concern through the NHS complaints system.

But we can’t continue to do this without your help.

Please become a member of the Patients Association and give us just £2 a month, of which every penny will be spent on our Helpline or Campaigns work. It seems like such a little amount, but it was on the basis of this amount of money that the Patients Association was able to blow the whistle on concerns about infections in Hospital, or bring the attention of the country to the appalling treatment experienced by the elderly in some of our Hospitals.

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have without people like you giving their time so generously. Please become a member and help us to help all patients across the country.

Please join us a member here.